Magnolia Hill Market is the home and producer of  "Be Inspired", "Real Positive Change" coaching, & "Positive Motivation - by Design";  all for the intent of encouraging one to FEEL Inspired and Ready to create change......Igniting a Spark that Inspires you to do what seems impossible.  

I believe that, just like the Bumble Bee,  you can do what others believe can't be done.  When you put more focus on a constructive, positive approach to any situation or conflict, the result is a ripple-effect that Inspires and Ignites great possibilities for Amazing things to happen.

 We Believe that health, physically and mentally, begins with a pro-active attitude.

We Know that selective words and phrases will give the power to Inspire and Ignite Momentum.

We've Seen how a bracelet, necklace, or charm can spark ones memory, creating a daily reminder that builds enough momentum to impact change.               

We Want to change the world by inspiring people to redirect their thinking, realizing that even though they may not be able to stop the storms of life, they can change the direction of their sails.  They can build an inner momentum that allows them to be creative, and share a message of strength and positivity.


Magnolia Hill has become the heart and advocate of creating products that add a Spark of Inspiration in creating that Real Positive Change.  We offer....

  • Training through our Speaking engagements  "How to Create a Real Positive Change" 
  • We host Creative Celebration Art Retreats/Events...for bringing out the creative side within you.
  • If You Need to Unlock stress and See the day in a Whole New Light?  We offer Real Positive Change Consulting.
  • You can be inspired through our Adult coloring books, our Daily Scripture planners 
  • We carry Relaxing and motivating music by Gary Freeman
  • Also at Magnolia Hill we design a line of jewelry, "Be Inspired".  Bracelets, which when worn, act as a reminder to inspire and ignite yourself first, so that you will influence others. 
  • (*Having lost a daughter ourselves to a car accident, we a very much familiar with the pain and stress that traumatic events can place on a family.  Therefore, for every bracelet sold, Magnolia Hill will give to a parent, who has a child facing a critical illness, a Free download to our Music  COMFORT)   To comfort is to lessen the sadness or sorrow of someone and to strengthen by inspiring with hope and restoring a cheerful outlook.  This is the foundation of all that we do.    

Walt Disney once  said, "The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you Unique!"   


We also have a Magnolia Hill Boutique that carries Pretty things.....Ladies fashion, accessories, Farmhouse/Vintage Decor and much more. Shop is only opened during the Events.